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Pre-Apply for your CSC Visit
The Columbus Center's motorcycle course has been paved over and we can not give motorcycle tests or courses there until re-striped. It is unknown at this time when it will be completed. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Motorcycle License Test Waiver

Successful graduates of the Basic Course or Basic Rider Course 2 can earn a 90-day License Waiver.

The DDS waives the written and riding portions of your Motorcycle License application for 90 days from the completion date of your course.

To successfully graduate, students must attend all sessions, be on time for all sessions, get 80% or better on a written evaluation and pass an on-cycle skills evaluation.

If you do not already possess a Secure ID Driver License or ID Card, you will need to provide the following to the DDS:

  • Original or certified copy of your Birth Certificate (or other accepted identity documents)
  • A document showing your full Social Security Number
  • Two documents showing your residential address
  • Documents supporting legal name changes

You may visit: for a list of other accepted identity documents.

********** Licensing fees will apply*********

Last Updated On: 1/26/2016