Georgia Driver's License Restriction Codes

All Driver's License and Permit Restrictions Codes are listed below according to Classifications.

Restriction Codes – All Driver’s License Classifications
A None
B Corrective Lenses Required
C Vehicle mechanical aids required
D Prosthetic aid required
F Right exterior mirror required
G Daylight hours only
I Left exterior mirror required
J Automatic transmission required
Q No passengers allowed
R No highway/interstate
S Power Req, Brakes or Steering
U Visually impaired parent or driver >=21
W Valid farm waiver required
1 Bi-optic lenses required
Restriction Codes - Permits
H Employer vehicle only
T Disabled parent
0  LP2 with interlock

Driving /from:

  • Duties of Employment      
  • School/College
  • Alcohol/Drug Treatment 
  • Ignition Interlock Provider Visits.

  Ignition Interlock Device Required.

2 Personal vehicle only
3 Inter lock Permit

Driving to/from:

  • Duties of employment
  • Medical care 
  • School 
  • Court ordered driver improvement
  • Driver education
  • Drug and alcohol program 
  • Scheduled meetings of organizations for persons who have alcohol/drug addiction/abuse problems

Ignition Interlock device is required.

4 HV PL without interlock

Driving to/from:

  •  Duties of employment
  •  Medical care
  •  School
  •  Court ordered driver improvement
  • Driver education 
  • Drug and alcohol program
  • Scheduled meetings of organizations for persons who have alcohol/drug addiction/abuse problems
5 Business purpose only
6 To and from medical only
7 To and from school only
8 Ignition Interlock required
9 All except LP2 and HV PL

Driving to/from:

  • Duties of employment
  • Medical care/prescriptions 
  • School/college
  • Alcohol/drug treatment 
  • Driver education 
  • Driver improvement 
  • Court 
  • Probation 
  • Community service 
  • Transporting unlicensed immediate family members for work/school/medical/prescriptions
Restriction Codes – Commercial Classifications
E No manual transmission equipped CMV
K Intrastate commerce only
L No air brake equipped CMV
M No class A passenger buses
N No class A or B passenger buses
O No tractor trailer CMV
V Medical variance
X No cargo in CMV tank vehicle
Y Hearing aid required
Z No full air brake
Last Updated On: 7/1/2015