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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. My Court is currently in production mode, but the citations are not showing on the driver’s history. What is happening?

    Make sure the email notifications for batched transmitted are showing “PRODUCTION” for process mode. If not, those batches will need to be retransmitted to process overnight in order to go on the driver’s history.

  2. I have forgotten user ID and password to transmit. How do I request a password?

    Please email and include the following:

    • Court Name
    • Court’s NCIC#
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone#
    • Request user ID and password to transmit to GECPS
    • Note: Password cannot be emailed for security reasons. Once the request is received, the court will be contacted with the password.
  3. How long will the court need to test before going to into production?

    DDS will determine how long your court will be in test mode it varies based on transmissions being submitted properly. Usually, it lasts 2 weeks if there are not software or programming errors. Refer to section 7 in GECPS Implementation Guide to review the complete process.

  4. The court has a new vendor; do I have to go into test mode?

    Yes, the court will be placed into test mode to ensure the system is transmitting properly.

  5. What types of records should I transmit in test mode?

    During the testing phase the courts should submit 3 test files that contain no formatting errors, and should include records for CN (citation new), FN (failure to appear new) and WN (withdrawal new).  For detail information regarding test mode transmission, please refer to implementation guide which can be accessed by logging in the GECPS portal

  6. What are Held Records?

    Held records are the records in error that DDS does not send back to courts. DDS will handle all held records, and require no further action from courts.

  7. I cannot connect to the server. What should I do?

    Close the current connection completely, wait few minutes and then try to log in again. If the problem persist, contact your vendor or  lastly please email and include the following:

    • Court Name
    • Court’s NCIC#
    • Contact Name
  8. Who do I list as my primary technical contact?

    List person, unit or vendor that will be handling programming for GECPS. If a list of known vendors that support software is needed, please request by emailing

  9. I have registered for GECPS online, but have not received my username and password. What do I need to do?

    Please email and include the following:

    • Court Name
    • Court’s NCIC#
    • Request user ID and password to transmit to GECPS
  10. How do I get registered for GECPS?
    • Go to GECEPS page on DDS Website:
    • Click on “Create GECPS Account”.
    • Pertinent information is entered and user ID (Please use NCIC Number as user ID) and password are created by court, giving access to update contact information at the court’s convenience.
    • Please note, the email address is changed using website, it will NOT change where GECPS e-mail notifications are sent. Please make the change with court’s software vendor.
    • After submitting court’s information, the registrant backs out one screen and can login to GECPS account by clicking on “Account Login”.
  11. I am trying to transmit to DDS. After entering the password several times, I am still unable to log-in. What should I do?

    Please email  and include the following:

    • Court Name
    • Court’s NCIC#
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone#
    • Request user ID and password to transmit to GECPS
  12. How do I get my user id and password to update court contact information?
    • Log into the GECPS Portal at
    • Enter NCIC/ORI number including GA in the User ID and Password Unknown field
    • An email will be sent to the courts primary contact to reset password.  If you’re not the registered email recipient please email and include the following:
      • Court Name
      • Court’s NCIC#
      • Contact Name
      • Contact Phone#
      • Provide a brief description for email
    • DDS can only update e-mail address. All other information is updated by court.
  13. I cannot locate my error files. Where are they?

    Check to see if the email notifications were received to verify the batch was successful and processed. If received, please check the output folder. If the errors still cannot be located, please contact software vendor.

  14. How do I change the emails that receive the Transmission and Process Summary emails?

    Please contact the court’s Information Technology Department or Software Vendor.

  15. I do not have address to transmit with my citation. What will I need to do?

    If the citation is for a Georgia driver, transmit without the address. If the driver has had previous citations, then the system will the address on the system. If NOT, the record will be sent back to court with error. DDS will need an address in that care or the citation will NOT go onto driver history.

  16. Can DDS reproduce and email all of my court error files since going into production?

    No, requests of that nature need to through the vendor.

  17. If the FTA was mailed in, can I submit the withdrawal electronically?

    No, FTA and withdrawal will need to be transmitted in the same way.

  18. Why did I get the error 2227 on a withdrawal transmitted, when the original FTA was sent electronically?

    Check to see if the original FTA citation number and withdrawal citation number are same. If not, the withdrawal will need to be transmitted again with original FTA citation number. The FTA and withdrawal must be identical. The transaction code will distinguish what action will need to occur with the record transmitted.

    Never submit withdrawal for FTA same day. The court must wait at least 1 day prior to transmit FTA Withdrawal if no error were generated for FTA. FTA must be processed first in order to be located and removed from the driver’s history.

  19. I do not have driver’s license information. What should I do? (Common 2002 error is when both the driver’s license number and DL state code fields are blank)

    Fill at least driver’s state code placed in the address state field. (Driver’s number can be blank if the state code is entered.)The system will be able to match number based on the address, DOB and DL State code provided, if the state code and DL state code matches.

  20. What does 2043 mean with speeding citation?

    If the speeding citation is for an in-state non-CDL 14 and below the speed limit, then citation is not required to be reported to DDS.

  21. I cannot identify the errors for error code 2059. What should I do?

    Please email so that we can verify your county court setup through our Court Common Agency Table.

  22. How long should I retain the disposition/citation hard copied?

    Misdemeanor cases from Traffic Court should be held for period of 6 years (reference O.C.G.A. Title 40, Chapter 5, 6, 7 & 9).

  23. When I need clarification on citation procedures or id I have questions on hot to report conviction, where would I find that information?

    The information you need is located in the Traffic Court Reference Manual.

  24. What documents will I need to mail to DDS?

    Please refer to GECPS Implementation Guide.

  25. Who do I contact when I have questions during the testing phase?

    Please email or call (678) 413-8434.

  26. After we have been approved for production, who do I contract with questions about my errors?

    Please email Include on this support line the error code you have questions about. You may call (678) 413-8847 or (678) 413-8846 to talk with someone in support.