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Alert Travel Alert: Plan ahead!! Temporary licenses and ID cards are no longer accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as proof of identification for boarding flights at airports. Please refer to the TSA web site for a list of acceptable documents.

Forms and Manuals

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Printed copies of the driver manuals are available at all Customer Service Centers or can be printed from the links below.
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Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Student Manual
This manual informs young people of the dangers involved in consuming alcohol or drugs while driving a vehicle and the importance of highway safety and accident prevention.
Commercial Driver's Manual
The Commercial Driver manual provides comprehensive instructions and guidance for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
Parent/Teen Driving Guide
The 40-Hour Parent/Teen Driving guide can be used in conjunction with a 30-hour virtual driver education program or a 30-hour classroom driver education program to meet the requirements for completion of an approved driving program.
Driver’s Manual
This manual will help individuals qualify for a Georgia Driver's License and to become a safer driver.
Motorcycle Operator Manual
The Motorcycle Operator manual gives instructions for obtaining a motorcycle license.

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Department of Driver Services
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Public Use
Commercial Drivers
Application for Farm Related Service and Industries Waiver DS-1229  57KB
CDL Application Fee Exemption Certification For Public School Bus Drivers DS-1233  30KB
CDL Medical Report DDS-CDL-287  334KB
CDL Vision Exemption DDS-VE1  87KB
Medical Certification Form MCSA-5876  1.22MB
Medical Examination Report for CDL Drivers MCSA-5875  58KB
Accident Report DDS-190  139KB
Affidavit DDS-202  286KB
Affidavit for Identification Card for Voting Purposes DDS-579  49KB
Application for Georgia National Guard Driver's License DS-318  77KB
Application for Issuance of Non-Commercial License DS-36  30KB
Application for Motor Vehicle Records DDS-1250  233KB
Application for Placement of Medical/Disability Information on License/Permit/Identification Card DDS-29  38KB
Application for Veterans Driver's License / Identification Card DS-516  67KB
Conditional Release DDS-204  36KB
DDS Brochure New License Design   896KB
General Release DDS-203  35KB
Hearing Request Form   319KB
Letter of Eligibility for Volunteer Firefighters DDS-517  0KB
Mail-in Renewal DDS-23 MIR  823KB
Medical Report DDS-MR-287  342KB
Paupers Affidavit DDS-355  434KB
Property Bond DDS-57  61KB
Refund Request Form   94KB
Request For Driver Review DDS-270  233KB
Request For Return Security Deposit DDS-198  109KB
Vision Report DDS-MR-274  307KB
Credit Card Authorization Form   52KB
Personal Report of Accident   23KB
Teen Drivers
Authorization for Issuance of LP Limited Driving Permit DDS-665B  173KB
Certificate of School Enrollment DS-1  79KB
Driver Training School Parental Affidavit DS-7010  173KB
Parent/Teen Driving Guide   1.57MB
Petition for Hardship Exception to School Conduct and Attendance Requirement DDS-7012  56KB

Business Use
Electronic Court Request to File Hardcopy Citations DDS-0315R  59KB
Request for Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) DDS-18  202KB