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Advanced Riders Course (ARC) Description

Advanced Riding Course (aka– Sport Bike Techniques (ARC-ST)

The ARC Course is a one-day workshop that is open to experienced motorcyclists who want fine-tune their skills and bring their riding to the next level. All motorcycles are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not need a sport bike to take this course which is the civilian version of the course originally developed for our Armed Forces.


  • Learn how to self-assess and how to perform advanced riding techniques
  • Successful completion may qualify you for insurance discounts (check with your agent)
  • Learn how to enjoy yourself more when you ride.
  • Meet new friends.

In the interactive environment of the classroom, the focus is on self-assessment, risk management, rider behavior and riding strategies. Then you will take that knowledge out to the closed-course riding range to develop in-depth skills for controlled braking, threshold braking, efficient cornering, maximum traction, and enhanced swerving.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Your street-legal motorcycle (subject to a safety inspection)
  • DOT approved helmet
  • Proof of insurance for your motorcycle
  • Proof of ownership for your motorcycle
  • Possess a Class M License Endorsement
  • Wear appropriate riding gear: long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants or jeans, over the ankle boots, gloves (full fingered), and eye protection.
  • Sign a waiver
  • Bring a parent or legal guardian to the course if under 18
  • To get the most out of this course you should have:
  • At least 6 months (or 1,000 miles) riding experience
  • Completed a Basic Course and/or an Experienced Course.

Class is conducted in optimal weather conditions (no precipitation) so that threshold braking can be explored and maximum traction is available. A rain-date will be pre-determined. However, depending on forecasted temperatures you are advised to bring:

  • Cold weather gear (warm jackets, sweater, etc.)
  • Water or other non-alcohol beverages
  • Lunch and snacks as necessary
  • Sun-screen

Please note that unsafe acts will result in the dismissal of the student.

Register online or call 678-413-8400.