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What is the Driver Education Program?

A driver education program is designed to teach new drivers fundamental skills and basic knowledge about driving a motor vehicle. All driver education programs are required to use Department of Driver Services-approved standardized curriculum with Department of Driver Services licensed instructors.

The program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. Young drivers may qualify for a driver's license, but they're still learning to drive. They tend to overestimate their abilities behind the wheel. And, as we all know in Georgia, speed limits fluctuate, traffic gets heavy, and rain and snow are hazards.

Scare tactics and lectures do not work with young drivers, but supervising their practice driving over a longer learning period does. This is where parents play a critical role. Driver education is only designed to teach fundamental skills and knowledge. Parents, guardians, and "supervising" drivers must do the rest.

Your young driver can benefit greatly from your wisdom and guidance, and you are the best person to teach them to accept their driving responsibilities. Good judgment only comes from experience.

Drive with young drivers, pass on your experience, and give them invaluable practice behind the wheel. You must set a good example!

Last Updated On: 2/27/2013